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Subcontract Invoices module

WebContractor functionality can be extended to allow invoice processing, putting subcontractors in control of the submission and tracking of invoices through the submission-to-payment process.

Allow subcontractors to upload and match invoices against the relevant projects and subcontract orders, track the status of their payment and receive payment notifications automatically, by email.



The need for invoices in construction

Subcontractor invoices can include a wide range of activities, but generally they cover works carried out, or professional services provided, where the rates or the costs of providing the works or services have been agreed in advance. 

The Subcontract Invoices module extends WebContractor’s functionality to allow subcontractors to directly submit and manage invoices, as well as Applications for Payment, giving contractors a full history of all invoices and approvals tracking, with copies of any associated, supporting documents stored centrally within the platform.

Module benefits

Simple, efficient invoice submission

The WebContractor platform provides a central hub for the submission of subcontractor invoices. Contractors can control and specify the information they need to ensure smooth processing, and the subcontractors get full visibility of the payment process.

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Centralise invoice submission

Reduce admin and the chance of missed documents with a centralised platform for the submission of all subcontractor invoices.
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Full invoice history

All invoices submitted through the platform are tracked and recorded. The information is available for audit and review whenever it is needed.
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Give subcontractors control and visibility

Your subcontractor community has full control and visibility of their own invoices. They submit and manage via the platform and check their progress towards payment at any time.
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Central document storage

Subcontractors have the ability to submit supporting documents with their invoices. These are stored centrally within the platform for easy access if needed.
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Full approval timeline

WebContractor tracks and records the approval of subcontractor invoices submitted via the platform, offering a transparent audit trail that can be viewed at any time.
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No more paper

Say goodbye to a paper-based process. Invoice submission is completely digital, with reminders and notifications delivered by email.

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