WebContractor Welcomes Kori Construction to the Platform

29 June 2023

WebContractor is delighted to announce that general contractor, Kori Construction, has selected our platform to digitise their subcontractor Application for Payment process.

About Kori

Founded in 2009, Kori delivers complex refurbishments and new build projects as a main contractor across a wide range of sectors, including care homes, life sciences and education, to name but a few.

The team at Kori is focused on delivering exceptional projects by thinking differently and placing a heavy emphasis on developing and supporting their own team and supply chain.

This commitment to excellence was demonstrated in March 2023 with a perfect 45/45 score in the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) for its development of a 63-bedroom care home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Digitising Applications for Payment

With a healthy order book and an average annual turnover growth of 50%, Kori was receiving an increasing volume of applications from subcontractors across a rapidly growing number of projects. The team decided that a digital approach would help implement a more efficient subcontractor management process for the business and a more engaging experience for the supply chain.

After reviewing the market, Kori decided to use the WebContractor platform to underpin their subcontractor Application for Payment process.

Optimised Application for Payment Process

The streamlined and automated workflows that WebContractor introduces to the application process are designed to help Kori’s team deal efficiently with their applications, reduce admin time and the risk of human errors, and maintain compliance with the UK Construction Act.

The platform supports a robust approval process to give Kori’s commercial team peace of mind, with automated workflows to keep them on track to deliver all the required notices to subcontractors in a timely manner.

A Rich Experience for Subcontractors, Free of Charge

The WebContractor platform also delivers a rich application experience for subcontractors, with a straightforward application submission process and the ability to track the status of applications at a glance as they progress toward payment.

There is no need to experience last-minute application emails stuck in outboxes or the search for misplaced attachments; vital documentation is uploaded centrally into WebContractor for review alongside the application, with the platform confirming successful submission and ongoing notifications throughout the process by email.

This standardised approach, supported by digital technology, helps to deliver a more transparent application process so that everyone involved is kept up to date with relevant information and reminders to prompt action when required.

To find out more about Kori Construction, visit the website here: https://koriconstruction.com/