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Authenticated receipts module

WebContractor can make handling authenticated receipts entirely digitally, requiring very little manual effort to keep all records accurate and up to date.

Automated workflows and notifications simplify and speed up the process, with documents available immediately online and stored securely for future audit if needed.


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Streamline authenticated receipt management

A significant proportion of all UK subcontractor payments are still made on an authenticated receipt basis, requiring the subcontractor to provide an authenticated receipt to the contractor once a payment has been received.

In many cases, this is still a manual process, involving the scanning, printing, emailing (or posting) of signed Payment Certificates, with the details keyed manually into the contractor’s system to keep a record of all returned authenticated receipts as required to comply with HMRC regulations.

Module benefits

Automate authenticated receipts: streamline and simplify admin and compliance

Moving to a digital model for the management of authenticated receipts reduces the manual admin required to manage this process - reducing errors, improving accuracy of information, and introducing more robust record keeping compliance.

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Immediate availability and access

Once the payment has been made, the authenticated receipts are available online. The subcontractor can then confirm that either the VAT or the payment has been received.
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No more manual chasing

Subcontractors receive automatic email reminders after 7, 14 and 21 days if they have not confirmed and returned an authenticated receipt.
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Online signing. Secure storage

Once a receipt is signed, each party is notified, and the document is securely stored in the contractor’s platform, available for audit by HMRC if required.
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No more paper or missing documents

No issuing, handling, or filing of paper documents is needed, with automatic reminders to drive completion. A complete digital record is available online, stored securely.

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