Let’s take the stress out of Applications for Payment

WebContractor software is designed to streamline the Application for Payment process, making legal compliance straightforward, approval robust and the user experience intuitive.


Take the stress out of Applications for Payment

Why WebContractor?

Discover how WebContractor can deliver business value and solve Application for Payment challenges.

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Finance user benefits

Increase cash flow visibility, simplify compliance and remove manual, time-consuming processes.

De-Risk Compliance Screen

De-risk compliance

Contractors need to comply with the UK Construction Act and the Irish Construction Contracts Act to decrease the risk of adjudications and ‘smash and grab’ claims.

WebContractor’s workflows and automated reminders are designed to ensure key deadlines are met, with a full, digital audit trail to certify your compliance.


Cash flow control

WebContractor gives finance teams transparent insight into the cash flow requirements of Applications for Payment, with clear dashboards for ‘at a glance’ insight up to 90 days in advance.

Dig deep into the figures with customisable, in-depth reports that allow you to tailor the information to your needs, so you always know where you stand, with no nasty surprises.


Get back your team’s time

WebContractor removes the need for manual processes, paper documents, spreadsheets, and multiple systems to manage AFPs. It can also be easily scaled as you grow.

Automated workflows and notifications remove the need for time-consuming chasing and as subcontractors can view the status of their own applications in the platform, it helps reduce the number of calls and emails into the finance team.


Full audit trail,
simple reporting

WebContractor provides a full audit trail and digital document history for every Application for Payment, recording events at every stage as an application moves from submission to approval.

This transparency ensures full accountability and visibility across the business and the digital audit trail can be easily accessed for internal reporting and for external audit by the HMRC or as evidence as part of the Duty to Report fair payment practice.


Making VAT and CIS
(more) straightforward

WebContractor is designed to make reverse VAT and CIS calculation, recording and reporting, simple and straightforward.

Ensure correct VAT treatment on subcontract orders with a robust trade code system, built in guidance and checks for the QS team with full sign-off and approval mechanisms.

Commercial user benefits

Standardise and streamline your application process from one central platform.
Standardise the Process Screenshot

Standardise the process

Webcontractor standardises the Application for Payment process, making things easier for the commercial team to understand, submit and track.

It removes the time and effort associated with processing and managing applications from subcontractors submitted in a variety of different document formats across multiple channels. The commercial team can log into WebContractor from anywhere to see all the information associated with a project, subcontract order and Work Package with just a few clicks.

Easy Approvals Screenshot

Easy approvals, automated notices

WebContractor allows commercial teams to approve, track, store, and sign orders in a central, online location with a full record of all document changes and signatures.

Rich detail can be added to subcontract orders and projects when evaluating and approving to provide detailed feedback to subcontractors or an internal approver. The system then automates all payment notices, making the process simple and straightforward.

Fully Managed Onboarding Screenshot

Fully managed onboarding

Our fully managed onboarding service gets subcontractors up and running on the system quickly, so the contractor and their team can quickly realise the benefits of a streamlined, digital process.

The WebContractor support team handle requests from all users about the system, removing the need for the commercial team to field these types of enquiries.

Build Subcontractor Relationships Screenshot

Building subcontractor relationships

WebContractor is completely free to subcontractors and helps to build stronger relationships by introducing agency, transparency, and clarity.

Subcontractors submit and manage their own applications and can view the status of their applications at any time, via the platform. Both the commercial team and the subcontractor know where they stand with each application reducing confusion and friction.

Boosting Productivity Screenshot

Boosting productivity

The WebContractor platform can be accessed by users from any device with an Internet connection, to allow them to work at a time and place that is convenient to them.

A QS can manage applications onsite or at the office from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, with any changes updating in real-time for other members of the business and subcontractors.

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WebContractor features

Manage the end-to-end process

Manage the end-to-end Application for Payment process

An online portal for the efficient management of the complete Application for Payment process.
Impose a standardised, efficient approach

Impose a standardised, efficient approach

All applications managed in WebContractor are fully digital, removing the need for manual process, documents in various formats or multiple systems.
Fully automated payment notices

Fully automated payment notices

WebContractor automates payment notices to ensure all legal deadlines are met and compliance with UK and Irish law is maintained.
Fully visibility across the business

Full visibility across the business

Commercial and financial users across the business can have full visibility of every Application for Payment, with access levels based on their seniority and role.
Accurate cash flow forecasting

Accurate cash flow forecasting

Finance users can easily see and accurately report on the cash flow requirements for all Applications for Payment in the system.
Reverse VAT ready

Reverse VAT ready

Accurately apply the correct VAT treatment to Work Packages based on activity and subcontractor status, with full approval from finance to ensure compliance.
No cost to your subcontractor

No cost to your subcontractors

WebContractor comes at no cost to subcontractor users. Our managed onboarding takes them through sign-up to the platform, with on-going support from our team. The subcontractors then manage their own applications, with full visibility online as they progress.
Build a subcontractor community

Build a community, deliver prompt payment

Streamlining payment applications via WebContractor can help contractors deliver prompt payment to their subcontractors, with increased visibility and transparency across the entire process that helps to build an engaged and committed community.

A fully scalable solution that can be tailored to any contractor’s business

WebContractor is a fully scalable solution, with flexible, user-based pricing that can be tailored around your team and subcontractors.

From small teams to multi-national construction businesses, a stand-alone solution or integration with an ERP, WebContractor can scale to deliver cost-effective, efficient subcontractor payment application management.

Enhance your subcontractor management

WebContractor offers a range of additional modules that can add new features and functionality to the system and enhance your subcontractor management process.

Authenticated receipts


Manage digital authenticated receipts in WebContractor, streamlining process, reducing admin with automated notifications and reminders, and ensuring accurate record keeping.

Insurances and bonds

Insurances &

Allow subcontractors to manage their insurance and bond details in the platform, with automated checks and in-advance expiry reminders to ensure all information is up to date.

Self-billing agreements


Reduce admin time and cost by managing the issue of electronic self-billing agreements directly through the WebContractor platform.

Minor works and work orders

Minor works &
work orders

Manage ad hoc maintenance and repair work from request to condition, with all the associated documents available via WebContractor to review, approve and track.

Subcontract orders


Easily monitor and manage the issuing, digital signing and returning of all contract documents from within WebContractor.

Subcontract invoices


Allow subcontractors to submit invoices digitally, improving the control and visibility of invoices that are in payment process, making approval, certification, and payment even simpler.