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WebContractor’s digital approach to managing insurances and bonds simplifies and reduces the cost and effort for both subcontractor and contractor.

It gives the subcontractor management of their own documentation, automates reminders and notifications to reduce admin time and improves visibility of a subcontractor’s status for the quantity surveyors and project managers.


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The importance of insurance and bond documentation

All contractors specify in their subcontract terms and conditions that their subcontractors MUST have all the necessary insurances and bonds in place, and that these insurances and bonds must be kept up to date and renewed as and when they expire.

In almost all cases, contractors will not make payments to subcontractors where the subcontractor’s insurance and/or bonds have expired.

Module benefits

Insurance and bonds: securely stored and managed online

Making the insurance and bond process as simple and straightforward as possible, with timely reminders and visibility for project teams, this module helps ensure the correct documents are in place so payments and project completion dates are not delayed.

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Subcontractor self-management

The subcontractor inputs and manages the updating of their own insurance and bond details, with full visibility of completed and outstanding documents for the contractor.
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Stay up to date with automatic reminders

The subcontractor is automatically reminded by WebContractor when insurance or bonds are due to expire, first at 28 days and again at 14 days before expiry, and when it has expired.
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Streamline the subcontractor experience

Standard subcontractor insurances that apply to all contractors only need to be inputted and submitted once.
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Reduce admin, increase visibility

Only verify new insurance and bond details that have been submitted, with automatic chasing of expiring documents and full visibility of the status of each subcontractor.

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