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Subcontract orders module

Streamlined management, robust approvals and all the vital subcontract and variation order information in one place, and at your fingertips.


Subcontract Orders Module Screen

Subcontract orders in WebContractor

Within WebContractor, the subcontract order is at the heart of commercial functionality; controlling, verifying, and validating all subsequent subcontract transactions, from Applications for Payment, subcontractor invoices, payment certificates, payment and pay less notices, and payment approval.

The WebContractor subcontract order holds summarised information from the contract documentation about the project, the commercial terms, the work to be carried out, the budgeted cost, retention, discount, payment terms and the valuation schedule that will be applied.

Module benefits

Simple and straightforward subcontract and variation order management.

Access everything in one place icon

Access everything quickly from one place

Manage all subcontract and variation order information, centrally, from the secure WebContractor platform.
Flexible and robust approvals icon

Flexible and robust approvals

Flexible and robust approvals structure, with a delegated limits of authority matrix to tailor up to five levels of approval to your process.
Easily raise variation orders icon

Easily raise variation orders

Raise variation orders against approved subcontract orders with the same robust approval and tracking processes.
Verify insurances icon

Automatically verify insurance details

Automatically verify insurance requirements against a subcontractor’s existing insurance details (WebContractor Insurance module required).
Compare competitive quotes icon

Compare and audit competitive quotes

View full details of competitive quotes for auditing and comparison purposes, directly from your subcontract information.
Apply correct VAT treatment

Apply the correct VAT treatment - easily

Easily apply the correct VAT treatment using the trade details provided on subcontract orders.

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