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Self-Billing agreements

WebContractor can help reduce the administrative time, effort, and cost of processing Authenticated VAT Receipts [AVRs] by allowing an easy-to-manage, self-billing strategy to be adopted by a contractor.

Manage the issue of electronic self-billing agreements online, using automated workflows and notifications to simplify and speed up the whole process.


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Why adopt self-billing agreements for subcontractors?

Where Subcontract Payments are being made between two VAT registered parties, the contractor can produce their Subcontract Payment Certificates and Remittance Advices (as a tax invoice) on a self-bill basis, providing a self-billing Agreement is in place beforehand.

Contractors continually strive to operate their subcontractor payment processes on a lean and efficient basis, and removing costly and unnecessary administration is a perennial challenge.

Module benefits

Streamlined self-billing

Moving to a self-billing strategy and using WebContractor can make the process simple to manage, cheaper to perform and can streamline the experience for both contractors and subcontractors.

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Reduce admin time and costs

Reduce or entirely remove the need for processing any Authenticated VAT Receipts, with simple, streamlined processes online for the subcontractor.
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Automate reminders

Automated renewal reminders are by WebContractor 28 days, 14 days, and 7 days before the agreement expiry date, removing the need for manual chases by telephone and email.

Full document history. Stored securely

Records of all self-billing agreements are available online for audit purposes, with subcontractors able to view all their current and previous agreements.
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Paperless and compliant

No issuing, filing, or handling of any paper documents. All documents are securely stored digitally within WebContractor and are HMRC compliant.

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