WebContractor onboarding managed service

Providing new users with the information, expert guidance, and support that they require to start using the system, ensures new customers quickly realise the benefits and value of the WebContractor platform.


Expert support with onboarding
to get you up and running


For any new software rollout to be a success, the support of a comprehensive implementation project and onboarding programme will ensure it meets the aims of the business, the end users understand the benefits of the system, and are trained in how to use it efficiently.

The quick take-up and use of WebContractor by a contractor’s internal team and subcontractor community is vital to deliver the commercial, compliance and efficiency benefits of the system. Each new WebContractor customer is taken through a comprehensive onboarding programme to ensure they quickly maximise the benefits of the WebContractor platform.

From an initial kick-off meeting and data assessment, through to system set-up, user training and then go-live, the WebContractor support team guide customers through each stage to make sure the system and users hit the ground running.

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See the benefits, fast

Our onboarding process is designed to get our customer's users up and running quickly with WebContractor, so your time to value is as fast as possible.

A dedicated onboarding project portal tracks the status of the project tasks that need to be completed.

A combination of virtual and in-person training sessions with our WebContractor experts are available to suit your circumstances, team, and locations.


Helping you build an engaged subcontractor community

Acceptance and use of the system by a contractor’s subcontractor community is vital to deliver the commercial, compliance and efficiency benefits of WebContractor.

Our managed onboarding service supports subcontractors as they move to the system, to quickly build the user base and foster engagement within the subcontractor community.

Taking the strain

The WebContractor project and support teams can remove much of the administrative burden of migrating and adding a customer’s subcontractors to the platform.

They work with our customers to build a tailored plan and documentation to communicate with subcontractors, work with individual users as they register, and offer support as they start using the platform to ensure they are using it efficiently.

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WebContractor is free to your subcontractors

Subcontractors can use the WebContractor platform to manage and submit their applications, respond to Work Order Requests, update insurances, bonds, and authenticated receipts - completely free of charge.

WebContractor gives subcontractors a suite of the tools designed to improve their interactions with contractors, increase the visibility of their payment status following the submission process, and help to build stronger connections between the two parties.


Expert onboarding by us

WebContractor can onboard, train and support subcontractor users during the initial launch and on an ongoing basis to build and maintain your user community.
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Start delivering efficiencies, faster

Managed onboarding will maximise time-to-value with engaged subcontractors submitting via the platform, delivering time and cost-saving benefits.
Subcontractor Support

Onboarding support
for subcontractors

Our support team is available to subcontractors, by telephone, email and online, while they are onboarded and start using the system.

Reduce your team's subcontractor admin

The WebContractor support team handle onboarding support queries from subcontractors, freeing up your team's time.

Onboarding the subcontractor

Step-by-step, fully managed onboarding programme to get rapid buy-in from your subcontractor community - with support to get them comfortable with the system quickly.

  • During the customer onboarding process, we identify a list of key subcontractors that will need to be onboarded to WebContractor

  • We build a communication plan, timeline and contractor branded joining pack and approach the subcontractors

  • The WebContractor team assists subcontractors with their registration on the platform and supports them as they start to submit their Applications for Payment, insurance, and authenticated receipts


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