Expert support, with you every step of the way

Our dedicated support team is on-hand to support WebContractor users and subcontractors, so you get the very best experience out of the platform.

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Dedicated account managers

Dedicated account manager

Every WebContractor customer has a dedicated account contact, to help ensure their experience with the platform delivers on their business objectives.

Expert support

Expert support

WebContractor users can quickly reach our expert support team via a dedicated support email or directly, by telephone.

We support your subcontractors

We support your subcontractors

Support from the WebContractor team is free for subcontractor users, delivering a positive experience and taking the pressure (and enquires) away from contractors.

WebContractor Onboarding Platform

From onboarding to
on-going support

Every new customer is taken through a thorough onboarding process to setup the WebContractor platform for their business.

From setup to user training, right through to subcontractor onboarding and on-going support, the WebContractor team is on-hand at every stage to help our customers maximise their new approach to subcontractor Application for Payment management.

  • Comprehensive onboarding process
  • Full user training
  • Subcontractor community onboarding
  • On-going support for customers and subcontractors
WebContractor Knowledgebase

Access the knowledgebase

The WebContractor Knowledge Base contains a range of useful articles, guides, and walk-through videos to help users quickly find answers to their queries, understand more about the functionality of the software, and get tips on best practices.

New articles will always be added to make using the platform as straightforward and simple as possible, with feedback from our community to produce the content that they want to see the most.

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