Eurovia: Taking the Northern Construction Arm Digital with WebContractor

In 2018, Eurovia’s Digital Construction Manager, Philip Reid, introduced WebContractor to the business’s northern construction arm, Northern Contracting. 

Hoping to digitise ways of working and cut unnecessary admin time, Philip confirms the programme goes above and beyond this service.

Saving an estimated 60 days in two years for Philip and his admin assistant alone, WebContractor has allowed for a simple and fail-safe method of managing subcontractor requests for payment, whilst freeing up Quantity Surveyor time for higher value tasks.


Case Study Eurovia
Eurovia Case Study: Background


Eurovia, a subsidiary of VINCI, develops mobility solutions designed to enhance local economic competitiveness and strengthen social bonds by designing, building, and maintaining transport infrastructure and fostering urban development.


Eurovia Case Study: Challenge

The Challenge

With Eurovia's ethos to always be the local provider - the business has a reputation to uphold with the local companies and communities it serves. Burning time and money processing applications for subcontractor payments, the company wanted to introduce a new, digital way of working to modernise the northern construction arm.

Eurovia Case Study: Solution

The Solution: Introducing WebContractor

From the outset, the Eurovia team picked up WebContractor with ease and reaped instant benefits. The online solution introduced a transparent, end-to-end management process, which cut admin and enabled the team to spend saved time on much more valuable company tasks.

Taking away the stress, risk and potential complications of manually dealing with Applications for Payment, WebContractor allows subcontractors to easily upload their applications to a platform where the Eurovia team has complete visibility of the entire process.

Eurovia Case Study: Feedback

The Feedback

Alongside daily emails and reminders to update you on the status of payment applications, WebContractor offers a central Dashboard and complete reporting tools, allowing Eurovia’s central finance team to see the exact position with liabilities across the business.

Philip added: “Without WebContractor, payment applications from subcontractors can be a really long, stressful task for our highly qualified team of quantity surveyors who have a lot of other things on their plate. Since implementation, the team have found this way of working a lot smoother, putting their time to better use rather than chasing payments and updates, constantly burning hours on unnecessary admin tasks. Overall, it’s made our business much more cost effective.”

Eurovia Quantity Surveyor, Verity Pointon, comments: “It really is so handy, you can access information such as PO numbers, or even look back at previous orders that have been raised by a certain subcontractor. Orders and increases are kept on top of, nothing can get lost like it often can in emails, I am extremely happy with the system.”

The training required is minimal, but the team at Eurovia and WebContractor dedicate time to getting new subcontractors on board, ensuring they’re familiar with the platform ahead of it going live. With only positive feedback from all users so far, Northern Contracting’s simple process has worked smoothly and allowed the team to step up digitally and enhance their working model. So much so, Eurovia is now looking to roll out WebContractor group-wide – so the entire company can enjoy the benefits.

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