Reds10 Digitises Applications for Payment Using WebContractor

Off-site construction specialist, Reds10 has adopted the WebContractor platform to streamline the management of subcontractor Applications for Payment.

About Reds10

Reds10 is an award-winning company providing clients with a full turnkey service to design, finance, build, equip, fit out, operate and hire modular buildings. It exists to help equip society to live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces.

Committed to changing the game, it sets new benchmarks for customer experience and building performance in the modular construction industry. In pursuit of its mission to create amazing spaces with 100% productivity, it is delivering improved, faster and more affordable solutions with less carbon.

Led by an experienced management team, Reds10 prioritises customer experience, building performance and design quality. Pushing the architectural boundaries, it is challenging the ‘one size fits all’ perception of modular construction and instead creating amazing buildings with high architectural integrity in partnership with architectural practices.

Its projects range from permanent to temporary developments in the education, healthcare, residential, justice, defence and leisure sectors, all delivered from Reds10’s own manufacturing facility in East Yorkshire.

Digitising for the Future

Reds10 has, as part of a comprehensive digitisation strategy, moved to fully digitise their Application for Payment processes by adopting the WebContractor platform, enabling streamlined and automated management of subcontractor applications.

With a business-wide commitment to sustainability, Reds10 continues to invest in new technologies that can help to reduce the carbon associated with their operations, deliver intelligent solutions, and improve business efficiencies.

WebContractor will reduce Reds10's more time-consuming application processes, enabling an end-to-end digital process with increased visibility and tracking of subcontractor documentation, all within one online platform.

Standardised Process

Having WebContractor in place as a 'one-stop shop' to manage subcontractor Applications for Payment will introduce a standardised and efficient approach across the business.

Financial and commercial teams benefit from increased visibility of applications, dashboards, and reports to improve cash flow forecasting and a framework of automated reminders and legal notices to help support compliance and deliver prompt payment.

With WebContractor in place, the time-consuming collation of physical documents, emails and spreadsheets is now a thing of the past, reducing administrative time and limiting human error.

Insurances and Bonds

Another critical factor for Reds10 when implementing WebContractor was the ability to seamlessly manage subcontractor insurance and bond documentation from within the platform.

The module allows subcontractors to manage their insurance documentation with automatic reminders to ensure they upload the most recent documents for verification by the team at Reds10.

Current insurance and bond information helps reduce payment delays associated with outdated documentation and the internal admin overhead for the team at Reds10 chasing subcontractors for up-to-date paperwork.


WebContractor CEO, Dan Nichols, commented:


It is fantastic to welcome Reds10 as a new customer to the WebContractor platform. Modular building is an exciting part of UK construction, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth and subcontractor experience with our Application for Payment management platform.


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