Event: Digitising Subcontractor Applications for Payment

6 December 2022

In late October, WebContractor held its inaugural Digitising Subcontractor Applications for Payment event at the Mercedes-Benz Word conference facilities in Weybridge, Surrey.

The event brought together the solution experts at WebContractor, some of our current customers, and representatives from businesses looking to advance or take the first steps into digitising their subcontractor application process.

Watch our video to see highlights of the day:

An open forum to discuss payment application challenges

The agenda promoted an in-depth discussion about the critical challenges of effectively managing subcontractor Applications for Payment, how the WebContractor solution can help address them, and the first-hand experiences of users currently using the platform to support their subcontractor management. 

After an overview of system features and functionality from the WebContractor team, the attendees talked about how the system performs within the framework of the day-to-day operations of a contractor's business and some of our current users gave their experiences of using the platform to manage applications.

Head of Sales at WebContractor, Jack Smith, commented:


We have confidence that the WebContractor platform can tackle many of the application challenges facing contractors' commercial and financial teams, but to hear the experiences of customers currently using the system to deliver results is a powerful endorsement. 

Customer use-cases and examples of how WebContractor fits into their real-world process are much more compelling for our attendees than our sales team simply talking through the features and functionality.

A rewarding day

The day was not only an opportunity for the WebContractor team to showcase our solution but also an excellent opportunity for construction professionals to network with their peers and discuss in detail some of the challenges they share around subcontractor applications and how they are addressing them.

Head of Pre-Sales at WebContractor, Gavin Crombie, commented:




The event for us is, of course, a showcase of how WebContractor can positively impact the commercial and financial process of contractors. But it is also about facilitating conversations between our current end users and prospects to help them understand how we can address their challenges. 

We also learned a considerable amount from the session that we can then take away to continue to improve our solution; it was a really rewarding day for everyone. 

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